A New Real Estate Agent, Learning to Breathe

Very early on in this blog you will recognize that my start as a Realtor was not very long ago. Though I have evolved my real estate skill-set dramatically in the few short months, there is still a minor matter of chaos and how to figure out how to manage on a daily basis.

So what does a new agent with no sales experience do when the license comes back to the broker? I’d say “run around like a chicken with my head cut off,” but that seems generous and implies that a new agent has legs and somewhere to run. A more accurate phrase might be “sit in the shower sobbing.” It’s a big world with houses everywhere.

And do you know what’s in those houses? People. People with venomous fangs, razor-sharp claws, scathing eyes, a Realtor friend, and the upper hand. Mouth-breathing milk-drinkers. These dwelling dwellers are generally diurnal and very territorial and protective of the loot they’ve collected.

What would I even do if one of these day-walkers wanted to buy or sell a house with me? Whip out the etch-a-sketch and have them sign on the slightly erased, yet un-erasable line? Send smoke signals to the nearest office for help? Or do I go back to the “sit in the shower sobbing” approach?

Okay okay, so I may be overdoing it here but this is the mixed chaos that comes with a new career in real estate. With no previous experience in a similar sales setting, it’s a massively big world and realm to learn. So what are the right things to do in the beginning, white-knuckle stage?

Here are my top 5 recommendations for a new agent:

1. Contact Management – Before you know it your contact list will grow to unmanageable levels if you don’t have a good organizational tool for this. Get a computer database which you can access from any computer, and track dates of last and next contact, as well as notes on each contact. Without this you’ll quickly find chaos growing.

2. Agent Networking – With most brokers, there’s experience all around you. If the agent next to you have 20 years of experience, there’s a reason he’s still around. Use that knowledge, tap your resources.

3. Fight through the blindness – You don’t know how to fill out the purchase agreement? How can you learn that? By filling out the purchase agreement! There are a lot of blind spots to learn as an agent. Head toward those blind spots until you discover what lies within. This principle can be applied to most aspects of the game.

4. Learn by trial and error – Most success is a result of prior failure and learning from it.

5. Understand there’s no magic to it – There’s no secret to being a successful agent. You can be better with words or more approachable, but those things you can learn. The key is to play the odds. The more people you are in front of, the better chance you have and finding transactions and the elusive commission check.


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